Confessions Coaching

Looking to Break Through Your Blocks and Manifest Your Dreams?
We all face times of darkness, despair and challenge, and we just might need a little guidance back to our own light. I offer a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings with support and compassion, and allow you to bare your soul without judgment.

Whether it's a single session, or a few, my Confessions coaching program will help you to release your blocks and embrace your power.

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Single Session Confessions Coaching
Are you struggling to break through a block or challenge? Sometimes our best intentions and aspirations are blocked by fears, false beliefs, disruptive thoughts and other challenges. With a private, one-on-one 30 minute coaching session, I can help you uncover those blocks and open you up to moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

6-Step Confessions Coaching
Do you have a goal in mind, but feel anxious, overwhelmed or uncertain about getting from point A to point B? As a master planner, I can help you break down your goals into easy, attainable steps for success and remove the overwhelm that's keeping you from even starting your journey. I will help you figure out how to prioritize your goals, the actions to take and when, and check-in on your progress as defined by your own needs, timeframes and expectations.

This option is ideal for those seeking guidance on a specific action plan, who typically need an initial call, basic accountability check-ins while working on the action plan and a follow-up/wrap-up call. This 6-week plan includes:

* 45-minute introduction call
* Option of 4 weekly progress emails OR 2 weekly progress emails and 2 - 15-minute check-in calls
* Final 45-minute wrap-up call

Sessions offered by phone, skype or private google hangout, and are not recorded. Upon payment, you will receive a link with details on how to schedule an appointment time.

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