"Do not go where the path may lead;
go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Reflections

About Me
Jennifer Watson, CTACC, is a certified empowerment and life transition coach, guiding individuals to achieve their personal and professional dreams by building confidence through self awareness. She specializes in helping those undergoing major life changes to shift from feeling insecure and uncertain to independent and focused, so they can take the next step towards defining and fulfilling their life purpose. Using a unique blend of life coaching and self empowerment techniques, she has guided her clients to break through challenges and develop realistic plans to achieve success in business, personal and general life goals…after breaking down their pity parties.

With a Masters in Psychology and her innate healing abilities, Jennifer helps her clients to identify emotional barriers and fears, and draw out their unique strengths to alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression and stress while building positive emotions and supporting their life's path throughout their major life transitions. She offers group sessions and individualized consultations, ranging from single sessions to long-term action plan packages. In addition to traditional life coaching, she also uses her intuitive nature to offer optional astrological or past life integration coaching that provide insight to core challenges, beliefs and patterns that could be blocking your success, and how to heal them.

Jennifer is no stranger to facing significant life changes herself. After over 18 years in the corporate world, and a courageous relocation from New York to California, she knows what's it's like to leave it all behind and start anew. Personally, she is the mother of two young children, and understands the difficulties of divorce and single parenthood...and the life transformation of finding yourself again.

Between her educational background and rich personal experience, Jennifer can help you overcome your own life challenges and reach your dreams.

"Jenny has a real gift. She can look into the hearts of people and convey feelings and emotions perfectly. She is a true healer." ~BW

"Jenny helped me understand what is holding me back! She helped me a year ago and since then, I have bloomed and come into my own! She knows what she's talking about and walks her talk. I don't know anyone who can't use her sensible yet intuitive love to help them get where they want to be!" ~SF

"I recently scheduled a past life session with Jenny Watson after learning about her in a Facebook group forum. The review in that group of her past life readings was a glowing one, so I scheduled my appointment with interest and desire to learn clarity about a specific personal issue. The session with Jenny touched on a deeply personal topic that made absolute sense regarding the issue that has dogged most of my adult life. Jenny handled the past life details with sensitivity, kindness, and candor, and opened my eyes to some ensuing habits that I had not been aware were so deeply ingrained within my psyche. I now feel a sense of uplift, of resolve for that specific issue, and a game plan for moving forward and tending to the roots of that issue on an emotional health level. I highly endorse Jennifer Watson as a talented counselor with past life therapy, and encourage others to explore this option for themselves. In learning about our past lives, if we are open to walking through the points of pain, we can heal current emotional issues so much more effectively. Jennifer Watson is the real deal with her past life intuitive skills." ~DS

"I was having a really hard time the other day. It was pretty bad so I called my dear friend Jenny Watson to look at my chart. What she told me had me crying it was just so amazing. Very deep stuff! I took her advice on what to do and bam!!! Everything changed in several areas within 2 hours!!! With this intense energy and times of deep change I HIGHLY recommend you contact her! Just incredible!!" ~AF

"Jenny is a beautiful, caring healer-woman, an insightful astrologer and kind, practical life coach. This astro modality added to her coaching sessions allows one to understand the energetic themes which we all find ourselves experiencing from time to time." ~KM

"Talking with everyone felt so personal and casual at the same time. There was no obligation to be anyone else other than myself in the group. That's special, because for some, it's not easy to find a place that allows you to be 100% you." ~JC

"I have known Jenny for several years. Jenny has integrity, compassion, wisdom and operates from the heart. She's very wise when it comes to Astrology also. You just can't go wrong with a Session from Jenny, you will be helped, healed and happy!!" ~VJ

"I am completely blown away by the magic of Jenny Watson. She told me of my past life and how it could heal me NOW. It was so profound! It is actually a huge step for me to making my dreams come true. I am healing a past in the now because of her. I have also had the opportunity to be guided by her Manifestation Life Coaching. My life is on track and I am fulfilling my dreams. Thank you so much Jenny! You are truly AMAZING and I am so thankful for you!" ~TL

My Interviews
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